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Sunny Sunday in London Marylebone

Dear diary, I’m back to London again in this October. It’s Autumn now but on Sunday the weather was so nice I need to get some walks under the sun. Marylebone High Street and its neighbourhood streets was a perfect place to wander around, as they are home for nice cafes, lovely furniture shops, one of world’s most beautiful bookstores, and quality fashion stores you won’t see in ordinary shopping streets.

1. Daunt Books
Marylebone High St, London

Bookshop heaven. Undoubtedly one of London’s most treasured, independent bookstores. Daunt Books is housed in an Edwardian building with long oak galleries, streams of natural light bursting through a large, pitched glass roof and William Morris prints. Their travel section is one of the best kind in London.

DSC_0037 copy

DSC_0057 copy

DSC_0050 copy

DSC_0066 copy

2. Coco Momo Cafe & Bar
79 Marylebone High Street, London

DSC_0068 copy

3. The Monocle Shop
2A George Street, Marylebone, London

DSC_0032 copy

4. Aesop shop
69 Marylebone High St, London

DSC_0069 copy

5. The Conran Shop
55 Marylebone High St, London

Bright, airy, and fresh. The Flagship contemporary furnishings store showcasing design classics, one-off vintage items and gifts. It is definitely a great place to visit for a browse to shop for the home. DSC_0079 copy

6. Nordic Bakery
37B New Cavendish St, London

DSC_0088 copy

7. Margaret Howell 
34 Wigmore Street, London

Margaret Howell is one of those up-market, strictly non-bling, timeless designers I look up to. This light and bright shop is the perfect setting to house Margaret Howells casual, chic and unfussy collection – quite Parisian in style. As well as being her flagship store, the building is also home to the Margaret Howell studio. Alongside her clothing, the shop has been furnished with pieces of furniture and homeward. Also there are books, ceramics, and some beautifully crafted household objects. Should definitely give a visit and look around.

DSC_0092 copy
DSC_0108 copy
DSC_0114 copy
DSC_0104 copy
DSC_0110 copy
DSC_0106 copy
DSC_0099 copyDSC_0096 copy
DSC_0100 copy

Also love this fake crocodile and a no-swimming sign from Lacoste Shop. lol.

DSC_0025 copyDSC_0027 copyDSC_0036 copy

So the next time you come to London, Marylebone , just 12-minute walk from Selfridges, might be an alternative street to take a deep breathe, sit down in some cafes, then go shop and walk around rather than being dull in the crowd of Oxford Street. Then tell me how nicer it is to slow down your pace :)


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Top 5 to watch : LFW Designers’ Showroom SS15

London Fashion Week has passed a month ago but some of the most exciting works are still bubbling in my head. Luckily Steven had got a wristband pass for every of us in the studio so we can sneak into all showrooms in Somerset House, where the buyers and editors were coming to see the most exciting, latest design from young London designers. I got a chance to go observe them, here are some selected because of their new, innovative, and exciting creations ever.


The first one goes to Faustine Steinmetz, the Parisian Born, CSM MA fashion graduate who made her fabrics by hand, hand-weaving one to one, all in her East London studio. Faustine just set up her own label in early 2013 after acquiring her first hand loom, and is now a part of Topshop NEWGEN. All of her pieces are made with her belief in craftsmanship over trend. Through the replication of mass produced garments, using artisanal techniques, she reinterprets everyday pieces like jeans and denim jacket into a very whole new level. The whole process is extremely labour intensive, with some pieces taking weeks to complete. I was stunned by the quality and exciting artisan techniques she has put in her pieces. Faustine has re-invented some of the most iconic shapes of our time, challenging people’s perceptions of fabric and construction through her attention to process.



THE UNSEEN is an exploration house that blends biological and chemical matter into materials, focused on seeing the unseen by combining science with art, design, and performance. THE UNSEEN believes technology is magic. Their vision is to create a world of seamlessly captivating science; through exquisite couture, luxury products and opulent materials; in lieu of the believer searching for special pieces and unique experiences. When looking at her work, we are immersed in material science, enabling to see THE UNSEEN world that surrounds us.

Being a fan of her work for long time, I didn’t expect to meet Lauren in Person and was very excited when she was there. Talking with her was a superb experience, as she demonstrated the magic in her couture pieces to me when she touched and blowed it and it started to change colour. With her background in science and interest in art, she can merge the two world together seamlessly and thus created one the most exciting piece that gives me goosebumps. I have a passion to do something like her, interactive and innovative textile pieces – not ordinary at all. She also inspired me to look at MA Textiles course at the RCA, where she graduated with her famous work, Pheonix , which feathers are treated with heat reactive ink – changing its colours magically when heated.


In her new collection, THE UNSEEN has developed a form of wind reactive ink that changes colour upon contact with the air around us. Intended to reveal the otherwise unseen turbulence surrounding the human as it goes about its environment. As she blows the wind, the piece, made from leather panels, started to change its colour where it’s blown. Also, with the heat reactive ink, the leather also changes colour when pressed or touched by hand (body temperature).



the recently RCA Fashion Womenswear graduate. Her work was kind of a ‘fabric train’ or ‘fashion centipede’, with heavy fabric pieces connecting one garment to each other together with a metal headdress. The lost of her mom has been the drive behind this conceptual, monastic-chic collection.
Her work is very interesting , check out more here 



Another favourite London young designer of mine. Claire Barrow is one of Topshop NEWGEN project, showcasing at LFW this year. Her inspiration is the story of the ‘VIRUS’ taken over the Western world, which reverse the evolution and transforms human into their household pets. However, there is an exception for women with medical expertise. These women are seen as superwomen, as goddesses, and this collection is their uniform. Zombie + Psychopath + Hospital Chic? Interesting story ever.
Also her hand-paintings over leather and shoes were very pretty and expressive, make me want to paint my own one.



Julia was sitting there when I stomped to her booth. Captivated by the beauty of her footwear pieces on the shelf, I was contemplating, looking over and over again at the acrylic heels and the reverse-sole sandals. We talked to each other and was surprised when she told me that she just graduated from RCA Footwear (She was very nice) and just set up her own label in 2014, so this SS15 is her first commercial collection. All productions are in Italy, where she went to find the factory herself. “Modern femininity and asymmetry. Purity is an important aspect of my work. I am meticulous about the flow of each line and the influence it has on the silhouette.” – Julia Thomas


Last but not least, on the second floor of Somerset House, there were RTW showroom, a hall for numbers of young designers and brands based in London to showcase their SS15 collections, including Steven Tai, the brand I am interning with. From here I discovered a very cool Swiss fashion label, Berenik, with the designer Veronika Brusa who is based in between Zurich – New York. 



That’s it. A delight to see beautiful and innovative creations from forward-thinking people with a daring sense of style. Stored in my inspiration warehouse –  ☑ ☑ ☑

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UNIQLO 3rd Anniversary Celebration

UNIQLO celebrated their 3rd year of success in Thailand with the special event on September 12, 2014 – UNIQLO 3rd ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, where the catwalk of their latest collection “LifeWear Fall/Winter 2014″ were presented through a new brand ambassadors.

UNIQLO is the brand under Fast Retailing Co. (FR) , one of the biggest retailer in Japan which operate business under an integrated strategy and supply chain, from design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. The company produce fashion&clothing products under their 7 main brands including big names like Comptoir des Cotonniers, GU, Helmut Lang, J Brand, Princesse tam.tam, Theory, and UNIQLO. (I just knew that Helmut Lang and Theory are also under FR! ) At present, FR is one of the world’s most prominent fashion retailer, and UNIQLO undoubtedly moved tumber of leading models and also no the forefront of Japan’s leading retail brand.

Personally, I love UNIQLO philosophy for their motto ‘Made For All.’ , by which they emphasise the importance of function and utility in fashion, creating casual apparels that come with quality and work in everyday life. With their belief that good fashion is the one that you’re comfortable within, UNIQLO designs are timeless,versatile, and never compromise with material and quality. With FR’s vision in making positive changes in the world through clothing, UNIQLO continues to evolve, explore, and dedicate to the creation of new products with the performance that enhance our living. Quality does not always come with unaffordable price, they made me believe.

From the ‘Made For All’, the brand philosophy now developed into ‘LifeWear’. As a meaning of clothes were redefined as a part of 4 essential for life: accommodation, medicine, and food. Clothes is important to lives, so Uniqlo develops all products to fit with human’s lifestyles and requirements. That’s why their clothes come with innovations to responds people’s needs like Heat Tech, Ultra Light Down or Airism. I agree that good clothes should come with good quality in terms of refined materials, innovations, while affordable prices to all people around the world. Uniqlo therefore is a part of LifeWear – not a fast fashion that comes and goes.

UNIQLO LifeWear Fall/Winter 2014

This Fall/Winter 2014 is the second fall winter collection for LifeWear, first introduced in 2013. The LifeWear concept reflects UNIQLO’s aim to offer well-designed, high-quality, and functional apparel to people throughout the world, an idea that emerged from company’s commitment to creating clothing with a focus on the wearer provided with the greatest physical comfort. LifeWear is a completely new category of fashion that blurs the line between sportswear and casual clothing. Functionality is particularly important in fall and winter apparel. The material plays the big role here, for example, they  have made further refinements to the warm and lightweight high-tech materials ‘Heat Tech’, the magic that have long been UNIQLO’s focus. Also, the inherent functionality of natural materials are also highlighted in Extra Fine Merino wool and Cashmere collection. In this new collection they also add several new items to present the wide-ranging line, from outerwear to inner wear that offers the best of both types of material, to make sure that you can still survive winter with a great fun.

Ines De La Fressange (4) copy

Ines De La Fressange – UNIQLO LifeWear Fall/Winter 2014

HEATTECH : a magic made from an ultrafine fiber material jointly developed with Toray Industries that keeps the warmness but also very lightweight. For this season they come with greater softness and stretchability. In the women’s line, they have increased the blending amount of camellia oil, making Heattech closer to the ideal of an “extra layer of skin.”

EXTRA FINE MERINO : The ultra fine fibers made from 100% wool knits provide a silky smooth feel. For this season, the material is machine-washable and resistant to pilling.

CASHMERE : ranks alongside Extra Fine Merino as one of UNIQLO’s core items. The high quality of the cashmere material allows it to be worn even on bare skin.

Uniqlo  132

Extra Fine Merino & Cashmere – UNIQLO LifeWear Fall/Winter 2014

SWEATS : Sweats are focused as items for both fashion and comfort. A new way to wear and enjoy sweats was presented with a lineup that illustrates its broad potential, including classic sweats, cold-weather sweats with warm faux fur insides, graphic sweats produced in collaboration with a wide range of artists, and urban-style modal sweats for women made with a high-quality modal.

DENIM : I’m always a fan of UNIQLO denim for its comfort. This season they were enhanced with a more stretchable material and softer fit, and also more range of design and color variations. For the women’s line, there are Ultra Stretch Jeans, which makes a women’s leg more beautiful.

SMART STYLE PANTS : Proven in office settings, these pants look stylish, while being both comfortable and functional. They suit a wide range of occasions, wearable from the office and out to dinner.

JADE5491 copySmart Style Pants – UNIQLO LifeWear Fall/Winter 2014

TOPICS! : The TOPICS! is a collection featuring  UNIQLO’s core items in traditional and authentic check patterns, including tartan check, block check, and houndstooth check. The wide variety of colors and patterns can be freely mixed and matched to enjoy differing styles.

UT :  under the creation of Creative Director NIGO, with a focus on various sweatshirts featuring improved materials and designs that incorporated exceptional content from the worlds of art, music, and culture.

INES DE LA FRESSANGE : Chic and cool, the second season of UNIQLO for the collaboration with Ines de la Fressange, the epitome of Parisian chic. Two lines are presented, “Petite Parisienne” with playful articles to enjoy every day, and “Note Parisienne” with the black tones essential to French fashion. (Me love )

JADE5530 copy JADE5543 copy

Uniqlo  209JADE5891 copyUniqlo  134 Uniqlo  264 Uniqlo  265







































Hope you enjoy these highlights of UNIQLO Fall/Winter LifeWear Collection.
For more information please visit www.uniqlo.com/th or www.facebook.com/uniqlo.th

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TOGA SS15 : a beautiful juxtaposition

Last Sunday, At St Pancras Renaissance Hotel I was joining the second presentation in London of the Japanese Label TOGA.  Always a fan of Japanese fashion revelation since the era of Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake to Sacai and Anrealage, I was mesmerised by the great details and how international standard TOGA had made. Collage of textures, contradicting colour, and clashing fiber are all oddly beautiful (a very great juxtaposition actually). Their clothes are so tactile, inviting the viewer to touch and see how they were created. Some of them are adorned with mirror pieces.  I also find their accessories quite alluring like patent clutches and net sandals. This was the first time I experienced TOGA in a very intimate place and of course Yasuko Furata name became the one to watch from now on. Go go, Japanese revelation!