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A September class party with Steven Tai’s SS16 Naïve nerds girls

On Saturday 19th September afternoon, I arrived at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms on Fitcroft Street to help with Steven Tai Spring/Summer 2016 presentation, an hour before the show started. Everybody was in a haste, bustling around the presentation venue which was decorated in a classroom party theme, with their unfinished props in hands. There were classroom tables, chairs, balloons, stationeries, including the exercise books in different pastel colours.

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HEAD & TOES : Creation, Contradiction, Collaboration

Last Friday I visited the new Rikyu hair salon at Sukhumvit 24 for a haircut with my favourite Yohji. After a year of long hair It just happened that I just woke up and decided to give my neck’s back some fresh air breathe. Lucky enough, HEAD & TOE , the new notion of hair and feet interpreted by Rikyu and Muzina, was exhibiting on the 2nd floor. So I sneaked in.

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Blue dyes, green leaves & 10 things to know about ‘Kram’


One fine Sunday in sunny July, I had a chance to join the indigo dyeing workshop held by Mann Craft and SACICT ( The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand) in Bang Sai, Ayudhaya. The workshop started in the morning with the introduction to ‘Kram’ , or indigo dye methods and the experiment with bringing colours out of nature. By simply rubbing a leaf on  paper like a crayon, we could experiment and play with various kind of leaves to get different shades of green.


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Dala batik and ancient block printed textiles

Recently, I had a chance to learn the craft of ancient Southern batik at the workshop arranged by SACICT ( The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand) at the center in Bang Sai, Ayudhaya. One of the instructor was Thanintorn Raksawong, 2010 Asean awarded artist who has created a beautiful collection of handmade batik that reflects the unique identity and wisdom of her Southern hometown. Thanintorn , or kru Oh,  showed us the tools and demonstrated the process of ancient batik textiles. To make a truly authentic Batik, you need melted beeswax, special steel pan and special tools which are ancient metal blocks.

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