bodhi  |bəʊ| noun

1) the awakening experience / enlightenment
Awareness of the true nature of the universe
2) a fig tree native to India and SE Asia, regarded as sacred by Buddhists.
(Buddha’s enlightenment having occurred beneath such a tree)
bōgaha ‘tree of knowledge’  + bō (from Sanskrit budh ‘understand thoroughly’) + gaha ‘tree’


body |ˈbɒdi| noun (pl.bodies)

the physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal
• the trunk apart from the head and the limbs
a corpse
• [ mass noun ] the physical and mortal aspect of a person as opposed to the soul or spirit:
we’re together in body and spirit.


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Photo courtesy :, stylebubble

I am so in love with Keiko Nishiyama’s English picturesque garden inspired collection from her MA graduate show. Her inspiration comes from English gardens, but forget cute and girly style – these are grown-up florals like you’ve never seen them before.

Keiko Nishiyama, born in Japan in 1984, studied BA Fashion and performance in Tokyo. after working for an assistant designer, Keiko graduated from the London College of Fashion, and closed the MA show at London Fashion Week in 2013. Her collection had the front row swooning, and bloggers like Susie Lau of Stylebubble and Disneyrollergirl begging for more. Her fabulous, utterly original prints of hybrid plants and botanicals are hand-drawn and added to beautifully ornate garments, then finished using Japanese printing and hand painting techniques.  The idea of printing ‘hybrid imported plants’ in which new flowers were mixed to create an atmosphere of mystery. All the draft prints are hand-drawn creating the illusion of distance to rearrange and reposition the flowers. Flowers appear to grow over and into folds, layers, pleats and peplums, creating other-worldly yet gorgeously wearable collection. In her work, She blends traditional style with techniques like fine print and draping to add, in her own words, ‘another dimension to the appearance of clothes, both mentally and physically‘. I am so excited to see how this emerging designer continues to grow.


In this June 2014, she has created two be spoke prints exclusively for Fitflop. The prints are used across four iconic Fitflop styles to create an exclusive capsule collection that offers a mix of prettiness and comfort that we would love. The collection consists of three style :



Flower Power at full volume. Fitflop’s fun, fearless, futuristic SHUV clog is covered in Keiko’s bold botanical print, for the ultimate statement-making footwear. (solid patent upper with Rio Pink Keiko print cotton linin)


A fresh, flower-strewn take on the classic-two bar, KEIKO BON SANDAL combines feminine-cool florals circling the ankle and a glossy patent front strap. With a beautifully curvy black strap, leather-wrapped midsole and designer buckles. Hip with jean shorts, darling with dresses, It’s the sandal to pretty up almost any summer outfit, and so comfy


Blooming lovely! the super-sveltetoe-thong with a grosgrain fabric upper in Keiko’s exquisite, English-garden inspired print.
Fine and flattering on summertime feet, embellished with beautiful designer buckles, and with our amazing ergonomic Microwobbleboard.
midsoles on the bottom.

S__74465306 copy

Here I am wearing KEIKO SKINNY™ MARINE BLUE  with Keiko’s signature print on the floor.
In love with  her feminine yet vibrant style. +10 to Keiko !



Jularat Hanrungroj, student

Jularat Hanrungroj, student

Thatwasin Khajeenikorn, senior designer & visual merchandiser

Thatwasin Khajeenikorn, senior designer & visual merchandiser


Fon, model


Nijaree Wongpaiboon, student

Worakarn Muangsiri, student

Worakarn Muangsiri, student

Bangkok – Here are some photos from “THE GAYSORN SALE” shopping party. At special hours from 18:00 to 21:00 hrs on 13 June, 2014. I was invited to capture the chic atmosphere that was happening that night, which a lot of stylish and classy people joined the event. There was DJ J Montonn Jira and free bar at all floors. Some great features were the free Thai massage from THANN and Panpuri. The Gaysorn Sale is a sales promotion that brings together various privileges and exclusive discount of up to 70%, covering fashion and lifestyle products from both international and Thai brands, such as Salvatore Ferragamo, MaxMara, Hugo Boss, Fratelli Rossetti, Cloud 9, SoL & GRAVITE, TAWN C., MUSE by Good Mixer and TANGO. Customers of six credit card issuers, namely SCB, Kbank, Bangkok Bank, UOB, Krungsri and KTC can also expect double privileges for even greater value.


P6130222 copy
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P6130431 copy
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P6130485 copy
P6130532 copy


However, My favorite spot in Gaysorn is The Only Son new flagship store. The Only Son has long been one of my most admired fashion label in Thailand. With their cool and rebellious DNA, the Only Son creates such an exquisite collection that you cannot find from other brands in the department store. The signature piece (and my dream piece) is TOS leather jacket, which is very well crafted from soft lamb skin. Other pieces are also worth visiting to see, smell, and touch what ‘good fashion’ is, in my point of view, (Especially that Blue tailored jacket suit p’ Pomme Hoontrakul is wearing in the picture below.) Their flagship store is designed and decorated in lofty modern style. With a lot of space painted in grey and furnitures built from grey and black steel, the cool vibe in their clothes are even more attempting. Certainly undeniable.

P6130582 copyP6130579 copy
P6130562 copy
P6130587 copyP6130578 copyP6130577 copy
P6130568 copyP6130564 copy
P6130583 copy
P6130499 copy
P6130544 copy
P6130509 copy
P6130627 copyP6130590 copy
P6130626 copy


The Gaysorn Sale is happening from 13 June to 31 July, 2014 at Gaysorn Plaza, Bangkok.
For more information, visit or

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Hello dear walkers, It’s July! Six months have already passed by, How many resolutions you made for this year and have not managed to do it yet? To me, a lot of things happened in the first half of 2014 : From January to April I was very busy with applying for a master degree course in the UK. In May and June I was tired writing an essay for a scholarship (which I failed).  This month, I’m going to move out from my apartment and go back to stay at home with my family. I resigned from my job for the better experience out of the box. Moreover, I’m going to India this Monday and It has to be an amazing journey. Well, so many things had happened and I need a refresh button for my life and my health. I have no time for taking care of my body. I really want to go for a run, yoga or an exercise but then I was so busy with those stuffs : job, work, study, love, friends….and a lot more that dragged me out of my fit-and-firm schedule – a resolution that I never ever have accomplished.

Fortunately, I have just got a new assistant which is not a person but a wearable fitness tech- Samsung Gear Fit, accompanied with Samsung Galaxy S5,  which could track fitness, sleep cycle, heart rate, and etc. Normally I am not really into any fitness device because of their design that make you look really like a tech-geek when wearing it. But the Gear Fit’s sleek design, curved glass, robust set of features and multi-color screen make it more alluring than any fitness device that’s currently available in the crowd now. I chose the black design as it is timeless and goes very well with my other stuffs that are normally in my bag. Here are some examples.

P6220676 copy

Everyday in my back : Lamy black fountain pen / iPod nano / mola notebook / Moleskine sketchbook / Le Beige de Chanel / Celine sunglasses / Byredo Parfums GYPSY WATER (gives you a masculine, woody scent which is on top of my favourite) / black charcoal / and Samsung Gear Fit in black

P6220681 copy
P6220691 copy
P6220725 copy
P6220726 copy
P6220720 copy
P6220723 copy
P6220698 copy
So…Let’s get outside with a Gear Fit, Here I am walking from my apartment to the freshly opened cafe and co-working workspace called JOINT, located at Asia Hotel parking building, 12th floor.

DSCF0056 copy
DSCF0059 copy
DSCF0057 copy
DSCF0070 copy

So here we come…JOINT Cafe and Workspace
I love this place because of its beautifully executed interior decoration and its room full of natural light. Decorated by my favorite 56thstudio , this space would definitely be another oasis in the city for my freelance working life (As I moved out from the apartment nearby here just before it opened). Another thing that I admire the space is that its combination of simple, scandinavian aesthetic with fun, thai cult style, which makes it not so minimally boring.

DSCF0073 copy DSCF0079 copy
DSCF0081 copy
DSCF0109 copy
DSCF0113 copy
DSCF0114 copy
DSCF0115 copy
DSCF0116 copy
DSCF0110 copy
DSCF0094 copy

DSCF0092 copy

DSCF0104 copy
The Gear Fit look quite great with my new Palladium black canvas boots,
and is a perfect answer for my tech-geek-but-I-need-it-more-fashionable lifestyle.
At the end of the day I can calculate how many calories were burnt from my walking.
At least, with no time for a gym, I can track my fitness and health condition all the time.
(perfecto ! for a busy-lazy ass who wanna get fit like me)

DSCF0126 copy
DSCF0128 copy

I’m wearing : Zara dress, vintage military navy cap, Cutler & Gross perspex sunglasses, Palladium boots, COS rucksack, The Only Son necklace and Samsung Gear Fit.

*This post is sponsored by Samsung