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The Bodhi Body I : Sketch & Research

bodhi  |bəʊ| noun 1) the awakening experience / enlightenment Awareness of the true nature of the universe 2) a fig tree native to India and SE Asia, regarded as sacred by Buddhists. (Buddha’s enlightenment having occurred beneath such a tree) bōgaha ‘tree of knowledge’  + bō (from Sanskrit budh ‘understand thoroughly’) + gaha ‘tree’ + body |ˈbɒdi| noun (pl.bodies) the physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal • the trunk apart from the head and the limbs • a corpse • [ mass noun ] the physical and mortal aspect of a person as opposed to the soul or spirit: we’re together in body and spirit. =


‘In Remembrance Of’ AW13 by Kamonnart Ongwandee

Isn’t it amazing how we change our attitude towards wrinkles? We used to say, “I don’t like that fabric because it wrinkles.” Now we say, “Look at the wonderful wrinkles!” ‘IN REMEMBRANCE OF’ AW13 A Graduate Collection by Kamonnart Ongwandee The graduate project ‘In Remembrance Of’ Autumn/Winter 2013, is what started as a research of Kamonnart’s interest in zen buddhism and Japanese aesthetics. Having read and researched a lot of Japanese aesthetics philosophy, she was mesmerized by the beauty of the Japanese ritual about death in Departures, The 2008 Japanese drama film by Yōjirō Takita.Showing conflicting concepts of what we know, Instead of grieving and being sad, the story gradually pointed us towards grace and beauty in death and transience, and finally inspired her to explore the possibilities to translate this concept into everyday object like clothes. A more immediate goal is to make zen philosophy more into our everyday life. The collection tells the story in similar themes, all about the beauty of transience, through different textile surfaces. Changing from dark to light, The first …


‘In Remembrance Of’ Textile Research & Experiment 3/5

    Those are my research and experiment on fabrics that were sourced collected from many fabric market. I tried to play with traditional techniques but find a new way of making to create something new and interesting. You could see that, I have been quite obsessed with textile print for I did many print design works for Thai fashion labels, but this is what I am interested more..The way the fabric is finished without print or embroidery – That’s my ambition to create this collecton.