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Art in London : Gerhard Richter

My London diary has a lot to do with going to galleries and museums, contemplating at artworks that some of which I can only appreciate visually. However, one of the most exciting pieces of art showing in London right now is an exhibition of new and recent works by a 82-year-old German painter Gerhard Richter. Consisting of over 40 works, with important bodies of new ‘Strip’, ‘Flow’ and ‘Doppelgrau’ paintings, the show will also include a large glass sculpture and a selection of key earlier pieces.  ‘Flow’ paintings suggest the gestural currents of enamel paint that have been frozen in motion at the moment Richter fixed a pane of glass directly to the surface of a painting in process on the floor – arresting a once fluid image at a precise chosen instance. His technique of pouring and manipulating paint captures a tension between chance versus the decisive gesture of the artist’s hand. And, while the glass face of each work serves to magnify the materiality of the paint, it also removes the element of direct tactility and undermines how …

London Diary no2 – Exhibit

ICA Off-site at Dover Street Market  Institute of Contemporary Arts has invaded Dover Street Market in an unconventional way, for the latest installation in the Off-Site series. Rarely seen material from the institution’s archives and collections were exhibited for introspection. Great visit if you’re in London ! 11 Feb – 6 Apr 2014 Dover Street Market, 17-18 Dover Street, London, W1S 4LT Next, is the Royal Academy of Arts (or RA) ‘Sensing Spaces : Architecture Reimagined’ exhibition. It sets out to evoke the experience and power of architecture within a traditional gallery environment. With the physical exploration into real spaces, visitors gain such experience that awaken our awareness of spaces beyond the gallery walls. Seven architects from around the world have been invited to use the RA’s galleries to test themselves and their discipline by creating unique spaces for visitors to experience. There installations all highlight different aspects of architecture – from the manipulation of light, movement, and interaction. Pezo von EllrichshausenKengo KumaDiébédo Francis KéréLi Xiaodong’s discipline became my most favorite one. Users and …


London Diary 2014 : A Walk Around at Petersham Nurseries

Hello my dear diary! Finally, this is my official first post of 2014. Having been exhausted with my routine office job, projects, and preparation for MA application for so long (since Dec 2013), I’ve just had a time to breathe. Definitely it’s worth it because in the mid February there was an email invitation for an interview in Fashion Womenswear and Textiles programs from the Royal College of Art, London. Yeahh!!! I processed the Visa within 1 week (speed come with spend) and then prepared the interview project and myself, and packed all the portfolio stuffs into the big bag. And then there was me travelling my very first true vacation after graduation in London, the city I’ve been missing the most. Took a lot of photos and went to so many places, I cannot wait to share with you all. I love to take photos, everyone knows this, but I love to present them with stories as well. I think what I continually do here is called a photo diary, or maybe a photo …

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Turning Pages : Thisispaper Inaugural Issue

Favorite online magazine website has produced its very first printed paper, The ‘Thisispaper Inaugural Issue’. I didn’t hesitate to order one and it took two or three weeks flying from Warsaw to Bangkok. Unpacking the long distant boxes is one of the feelings I like most, the act of carefully pack and unpack is just enjoyable. Here I put some pics of the book and the inside. The layout and pictures are beautifully printed, giving the more stunning impression than in the web. Many white spaces also, and I like their aesthetics of leaving some space for the reader’s own mind. order here at Thisispaper