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Forever is Ever – Print design for Something Boudoir A/W 12

Something Boudoir A/W 12 “Forever is Ever” Print design First sketches on cartridge paper Using color markers, pens and pastels. Then I arranged and re-colored them in computer. This print, Forever is Ever, contains the elements of highschool girls friendship, liveliness and fun. The clothes are available from now on at Something Boudoir store at Siam Center Pop Cont, Bangkok, Thailand. Image courtesy of Something Boudoir


Stuffs that matter : an Interview with Computer Arts Thailand Sep 2012

OBJECTS THAT MATTER IN MY EVERYDAY LIFE I never feel guilty for liking my stuffs, because I really do believe the things I love do matter. They connect me to people in my life – to my past, present, and future. They come with beauty, meaning and experience Like a tangible form of memories to remember and share. To read the interview, click on each image to enlarge 


Exposure : An Interview with Computer Arts Thailand magazine, March 2012

Thank you p’Kratae (Vichuda Kruehiran) to give me another opportunity to get my works featured on Computer Arts Thailand magazine, after asking me to write the Senada angel scarf design process on the tutorial column in issue 24. This time it is March 2012 issue that she interviewed me about my previous works, my philosophy of studying, working, and my intention for the future and this blog. You can collect Computuer Arts Thailand issue 33 (Mar 2012) from nearby magazine rack from now on. But let’s make it special for Vanillawalk readers, I have scanned the interview part, three pages, for you all now.


Club21 Bloggers collaboration- ck Calvin Klein

So honored to be part of bloggers’ collaboration project with Club 21 Bangkok. I’ve got a chance to wander into the wardrobe of ck Calvin Klein Fall 2011 collection and pick the items to create some looks that would go well with the 20-year-old like me. Basically I’ve been the fan of ck Calvin Klein for long, for its simplicity, clean cuts and hidden architectural lines. But yeah such beauty has been underrated especially here in Thailand where people tend to look only on the surface, seek for statement chic and boldness. ck Calvin Klein clothes offer things that are beyond trends and ephemeral beauty. Their classic pieces come in basic colors but are timeless cool. no time exists in their clothes and always get along well with modern ladies’ everyday’s life. As far as I’ve tried them on, I could say that almost every ck Calvin Klein pieces fit well on any shapes and bring out the most of your confidence, honestly. And with just a little twist, they’re worn well in any occasion without …

Senada scarf tutorial : on Computer Arts Thailand issue24

Angel dancing in the universe prints for Senada* AW10 scarf got featured in Computer Arts (Thailand) magazine April2011 issue. The issue is about ‘Tactility of Textile’ , so there’re many showcases and interviews of illustrators and graphic designers who work in between the fields of fashion&graphic design. (including p’O Terawat Teankaprasith for Sretsis and Painkiller, and  p’Ho of Disaya.) For both graphic and fashion students, It’s worth buying one. < For me I don’t called myself a designer, I’m a fashion student but love to do fashion illustration more than those patterns or linin prototypes. feel good to be among these two things I love. that’s it. you can follow my instructions for practicing, but please, no commercial. Cos I did this for Senada* for free, I don’t earn any wages. Glad the collection was popular, (for every gender hahaha) It’s pleasing to see people wearing these prints on them. money does not matter. Thanks :)