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Vanillawalk edit : STYLE-LIST No.1-2

                       Hello December! There are only three weeks left and then It’s Chirstmas and 2014. The holidays are fast approaching. Now in Bangkok I can feel the breezy, cold wind blowing through my body, Christmas tree and festive lights are also around already. Everything is feeling really refreshing, festive and jolly. The cold breeze like this every year is a reminder for me to have some self-realization, to revise and summarise my life in this year, to make a resolution for the upcoming 2014, to write a wish-list, a dream-list, a want-list, and the list goes on! Also that I need to start buying or making gifts for all my family and friends. So here I’m starting with my fashion wish list first (which is definitely not realistic, I might can save to buy only one or two from this 15 stylish pieces.) This list will be followed up by a few things that I would buy as a present for my hardworking self, and …