sketches today : social medias and sonia

Illustration&Print December 30, 2009

now you can subscribe to vanillawalk 😀

by clicking the ‘sign me up’ button on the sidebar (Email subscriptions section). Enter in your e-mail address and you will receive emails when i post something new. so u’ve got an easier way to get update.

as you see i had changed a bit of the site’s appearance. here are the social media icons i digitally sketched to put in the right sidebar. facebook, twitter, flicr, myspace, tumblr, and from left to right. i tried to make them look like they were drawn with graphite. you guys can use it but i’d appreciate if you give me a credit. want other icons? just ask 🙂

and again my beloved Sonia Rykiel acetate and pearl sunglasses was digitally illustrated to put on the sidebar as well! let’s see whats my next favorite eyewear.

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