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nine portraits

portraits of famous people i give my soul to..both dead or alive

1.Susanna Lau (Susie bubble of stylebubble) – the very first fashion blogger in town

2.young George Harrison of the Beatles (privately admire)

3.Ash Stymest – Pretty skinny boy with tattoos -or my dream boy lol

4.Sir Elton John – the great pianist..and godfather of gay lol

5.Tao Okamoto – my favorite asian world model – cool and stylish

6.Jordan Dunn – the first black model to walk a Prada runway in over a decade

7.Frida Gustavsson – my favorite new face – like a doll

8.Hedi Slimane – my whole inspiration – he could be anything he wanted to

9.Mahatma Kandhi – he pioneer of satyagraha—a philosophy firmly founded upon total nonviolence, and the man who brought peace to the world.

what i used : charcoal, graphite (EE), watercolour,
marker, colour pencils, and white pastel


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