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when i was just a little girl

sister again found these aged film photographs in my house’s storeroom
they’re mostly taken when i was in kindergarten, some were even dated back to 1992
just wanna share some of the good old days, when we were laughing
wandering, crawling, going to the zoo and cried for daddies..

remember when your parents took you to Safari World?
close your eyes and think how amused and excited you were
when those clever seals and dolphins flied into the air

sisters in the crowd, waiting for the show (i was one)

(on the left; me and momma in our old pharmacy, where i learnt a lot about medicines
on the right; energetic me hopping on and off that colorful something)

daddy on his graduate day, with my friend Venice’s mom
(for anyone who knows Venice, to be honest i think they look exactly the same)

last, me through the window through the lens in our old flat, taken by unknown

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  1. To be honest, Venice looks even more beautiful than her mother.555555555555555555555555555555555555
    like the last pic by the way

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