1. choco_love says

    It’s me Om(Choco_love) again (;
    Thanks for your reply naka.
    I’m from faculty of arts ka and last friday when I was walking to BRK building I saw you and friends. I like your shoes and sunglasses so bad!! ((;
    Wanna say Hello to you but dare not again.lol

  2. Always love what you create Kamonnart.I totally agree with Choco_Love..:-)

  3. that’s very kind of you ka p’ OM.. Are you in Arts or Arch?
    it’s the reader like you who makes me want to post many more better and better things here
    i know they are some people exist (though there’re few comments) from the number visiting the site day by day
    so it should be me who have to say thank you for your supports
    thanks a lot 🙂

  4. choco_love says

    Kamonnart, I luv your sketches!

    Wanna tell you that I like your blog so much!![addicted!]

    I read all of issues and come to your blog everyday.

    In my openion,you’re so fantastic girl who already has BRIGHT FUTURE!! ((;

    After finish reading your blog, sometimes I think I wanna buy some delicious sweets to you for THANKS but I dare not.

    oh, Forget to introduce myself. I’m OM,senior from faculty next to yours.


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