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La Belle et la Bête


La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast)

inspired by amazing porcelain sculptures by Kate Macdowell, which i found very exquisite,
this mini collection (actually for illustration practice) is all about a contrast between purity and darkness.
the concept was drawn from environmental case studies, threaten species, and classical/baroque funerary memorials.
Macdowell used the bare porcelain for pure white body of works, to evoke marble and for ghostly atmosphere.
me and her, in common, were fascinated by intricacies of natural forms and details
so we didn’t want colors to distract from them.


her porcelains were beautiful dark, amazingly weird and mind-blowing
every little pieces have their own meaning, mostly illustarte our current relationship with the natural world,
the man-made environmental threats, that we human are now victimized by our destructive practices.
they’re like a painstaking records of endangered natural forms and a commentary on our own culpability.


thus, i translated her strong concept of environmental effect on human into garments.
to focus on meaning, detail and surface decorations,  the collection was pure white.
with the glamorous goth, greek heroin look that smells lke Macdowell’s porcelain sculptures


please leave your thoughts for my improvement.
i’m not looking for praise, i need criticism.
thank you in advance 🙂




  1. magdalena says

    i love the 3 last pictures. hand coming out of a jacket.. genius.

  2. ขนตาเก๋มากดูจริง ชุดก็เริ่ดนะค้า

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