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the women behind the curtain : mini collection

are in front of the curtain now


Interested  by the new deconstructionism style, this collection is based on the style
identities such as extraordinary detail, asymmetrical form, deconstructed tailoring,
loosely constructed garments with whimsical draping, smocking  and layering.
The story is about the mysterious woman who covers herself in the curtain wall. She was rarely seen,
only light and shadow that suggests us her existence. She loves to play with the drapery and  shadow,
sometimes grabbing the fabric from behind, sometimes pushing it with her palms.
spirit or myth, who knows?
Therefore, I started to photograph my friends who was getting behind the curtain
,experimented  many ways of creating  silhouettes,and later  drew inspiration from them.
The photographs are used as prints and the layers and  creases are translated into forms and details.
The overall garments are loosely constructed and  were added with layers of different materials
such aschiffon and organza over cotton-silk. I used cloudy colors for the enigmatic, obscure mood and tone,
while draping and smocking details  break the darkness with  soft glam atmosphere. the result is,
a complete mix between deconstructionism identities  and  thestory , giving the touch of mystery-but- elegant look


Artworks here are not allowed to copy or use in any other media unless ask or credit my name
please leave some thoughts, Thank you


  1. ทำไมหน้าเหมือนพี่อุ้งเลยอ่ะ 🙂

  2. Jillvintage says


    u always surprise me with these wonderful collection

    Love you ❤

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