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entering the world of Likay Bindery


pictures from the bookbinding course at Likay bindery
we’ve learnt many ways of stitching from p’Kay (Phantipa Thanchookiet)
I called her studio a whimsical world of handmade books and fine papers.
used papers, nice posters, old prints,  and vintage books collected from many places,
are living peacefully in the small bindery. I love how p’Kay loves her work and creates her own world.
she’s also a very kind and patient teacher (who can stands for my again-and-again mistakes)



and i’m really excited the blog visit number is going to be 100,000 in the next few hours
me gonna do some giveaway  , anybody want anything?
let’s wait and see 🙂


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  1. ลองดูในบล็อกพี่เค้านะคะ อยู่ในซอยสุขุมวิท35

  2. wow ที่ไหนครับน้องอุ้ง อยากไปมั่งจัง

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