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darkness above, no stars in the sky now. just a fluorescent light shining all over my place. thought about what I have done and have learnt in these recent months. some people came around and walked away, some dreams were so precious that we wanted to catch and make them stay.  and some parts of me were lost in the other half of the world. how could we know when and where will we be in the future, or who are we in the past? places we go and things around..everything just has memories, that are even older than me. maybe it’s lovely to hear what our old things have faced in their lifetime.

now let me introduce you my new vintage member, ‘A Guide to Microwave Cooking’ book which contains many secret recipes we can cook easily with only a microwave. would you believe I got it from Klong-tom sunday market last Sunday for only 50 Baht. I don’t see its birthdate and the old owner’s signature but guess that it was publsihed in around 70s when microwaves are on their top stage of life. inside the book are pages of recipes, in nice vintage layouts and pretty unsaturated color scheme I love. promise I have to cook some dinner following the book..


and I just got it this silver necklace from a vintage clothing shop around siam square. not really easy to find silver handcraft like this do you think? don’t be bored if I’m too into the native america style now. sometimes going back to nature is better than ever..

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