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East Meets West : When the exotics go domestic.

 Some idea about the mixed east-and-west style popped up in my head when I was at one of the best tourist spot in Bangkok,  Chakri Maha Prasat , in the area of the Grand Palace or Wat Pra Kaew. One western lady passed me by and I was like “wow, that sarong completes her look..” well , It was my photography class at the Grand Palace and I had finished my 135mm film already. So I brought up my EP-2 and started to look around for more tourist styles.

There were many interesting looks and also many unforgivables as well. One thing I noticed is that each tourist has his/her way to wear the sarong or native pants he was given at the front door. (Shorts, short skirt and vest are prohibited here.) In some way these looks inspired me, those local items look much better and expensive when matched with correct style. Also the Chakri Maha Prasat itself is one of the best mix of western and eastern architecture which looks so elegant among all those Thai buildings.

Location : In front of the Chakri Maha Prasat
The elements of the mixed culture, Taken by me.

Mixed culture street style.
Me gonna try it some day 🙂


  1. S u p e r d a R t says

    ใช่ๆๆๆ ใช้กล้องอะไร

  2. Vick says

    I love your blog soo much !
    What camera do you use?
    i mean in this blog & older blogs u posted. Are they the same camera?

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