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the very first jewellery sketches.

Hello people, I’m back.. after hibernating for curing my mental happiness for a period,
I’m thirsty for design and art eventually. (Thinking I just can’t live with them)

After a long lack of inspiration, I can breathe again as I’m now studying the new things in life. One of them is the foundation of jewelry design. It’s my first time to enter the world of the beautiful metals and jewels with the very admirable professor aj.Nutre Arayavanish. She’s an amazing person, trained in jewellery design and making at Silpakorn univerisity and gained her MA at the Royal College of Art in London. I can only say that she’s amazing, you’d be surprised if you check her website and find out that she has more than 20 stockists in numbers of countries all over the world. I realised that being talented can be effortless and have nothing to involve with those group of big names in Thailand’s fashion scene. check her website at

and these are my color-pencil drawings of the three types of jewelleries.
They’re fine , costume and contemporary jewellery, respectively.
(All pictures are done in color pencils, 4B pencil, and white pen)

P8180684 copy

first , Phillipa Holland‘s handmade sterling silver bat skull ring,
Delicately dusted with 22-karat gold.

P8180687 copy

second, Roberto Cavalli, Swarovski crystal and fluorite fox necklace,
Decadently embellished with black and gold Swarovski crystals, wear this striking piece to elevate a simple silk tee, or go for maximum impact with an animal-print dress.

P8180689 copy

last, Pristine Smut consists of the combined talents of Central Saint Martins
graduates in jewelry and knitwear, the lovely Rosie Kent and Liria Pristine respectively.
They create a beautifully wearable, sultry and undeniably attention grabbing.

read more about Pristine Smut’s wearable art on Dazed Digital


  1. น่าอิจฉาจังน้่องอุ้ง ได้เรียนกับพี่นุตร์ด้วย 🙂
    พี่นุตร์เก่งและเท่มากๆ เลยแหละเนอะ

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