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Club21 Bloggers collaboration- ck Calvin Klein

So honored to be part of bloggers’ collaboration project with Club 21 Bangkok. I’ve got a chance to wander into the wardrobe of ck Calvin Klein Fall 2011 collection and pick the items to create some looks that would go well with the 20-year-old like me. Basically I’ve been the fan of ck Calvin Klein for long, for its simplicity, clean cuts and hidden architectural lines. But yeah such beauty has been underrated especially here in Thailand where people tend to look only on the surface, seek for statement chic and boldness.


ck Calvin Klein clothes offer things that are beyond trends and ephemeral beauty.
Their classic pieces come in basic colors but are timeless cool.
no time exists in their clothes and always get along well with modern ladies’ everyday’s life.
As far as I’ve tried them on, I could say that almost every ck Calvin Klein pieces fit well on any shapes and bring out the most of your confidence, honestly.
And with just a little twist, they’re worn well in any occasion without any excessive effort.


and here is p’Pink, the merchandising assistant of Club21, and p’Aom ,ck Calvin Klein brand manager. They’re very kind, feel so thankful for the chance like this (you guys made one of my dreams come true, to wander around and try almost every items in the shop)
Credits: Club21 (Thailand)

PS. Club21 had just launched an iOS application, stay update here Club21 mobile app

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