Have A Nice Seoul : Part 3 (Dongdaemun, Myeong-dong & Lotte-World)

Destination March 20, 2013
image-11 copy


Heaven for craft-lovers to fashion designers

Along the Cheonggyechong, just cross the street and then the Dongdaemun shopping complex is in front of you.  Shopping at Dongdaemun can be an adventure and until you figure out your favourite vendors. Finding everything you need can be somewhat time consuming as everything a sewer could possible need can be found at Dongdaemun. From cottons to PVCs, needles to parts of watches, the market offers wide range of materials.  If you are a fashion designer or a student, this place is definitely shoudn’t be missed.

Tips : get there in the morning as it gets pretty crowded after noon, beware the pickpocket, prepare your shopping list and an anti-dusk mask

image-7 copy


A 5.8 km-long stream, romantic by day and night, full of couples walking hand in hand.


The most dynamic shopping streets in Seoul by day and night


Enjoying the bespoken Myeongdong Tongkatsu!


The highest tourist spot and place for lovers

located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, N Seoul Tower marks the highest point in the city. It offers panoramic views of Seoul and the surrounding areas. On the top of the tower is the place where couples put the keychain on the fences as their love promise and the sign for strong relationship. (yuck..)



Lotte World is a fun park located in Lotte World Plaza, Enjoying something childish is fun here as everyone does so!

The Lotte World have both indoor and outdoor fun park..All the adventurous and exciting plays are located outside!


Byebye for today! Next post (Have a Nice Seoul 4) I’m gonna take you to the most famous name of Seoul right now.. yes..Gangnam-gu!

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