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A Kitty Business : Purr Cat Cafe

I have always in love with cats since when I was a small girl. Mom usually took me and my sister to visit our grandparents at our garden home in Chiang Mai, where there were a family of twelve kitties playing and walking around. I thought they are a creature with intellect and beauty, although not as friendly as dogs could be. When I look in to their eyes I saw something naive but mysterious, which make them more hard to approach and interesting. However, my dream of petting some cats is far away from reality as I am unfortunately very allergic to their fluffy hair, so what I could do now is just watching others do good for them. As the senior at my art school, who are real in love with cats and own many of them,  just opened a cat cafe name Purr Cat Cafe Club, I can’t miss to check out this place with my third eye.

all photos are taken at Purr Cat Cafe Club, Sukhumvit 53, Bangkok, Thailand
using Fuji 200 film / Fuji Natura Classica

Take care of your fluffy creatures & Have a nice sunday!

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