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July Afternoons : Greens, woods, and paper dreams.

It was not a sunny saturday. Afternoon turned into morning and Bangkok seems a little bit more pleasant to enjoy walking around with the cloudy sky. I guessed it’s the perfect time to visit another freshly-opened, pretty little shop ‘mink’s’.  so I took my camera, brought myself out of the bed, and then I found myself in the creative area of Ekamai soi 10, just next to the Blue Doors..

Mink’s store is founded by Khun Mink and Khun Bert, the lovely couple who have been made lovely tiny things with their heart. Every pieces of wood are crafted, some turn into little creatures, some turn into big furnitures. They started the brand from online store in facebook and now expanded the love into this dream store. Not only selling lifestyle goods and furnitures, They also stock polaroid cameras, films, rare CDs from Japan and Singapore, Japanese photographer’s photo book, and vinyls from Mono to Sonic Youth! K. Mink also share her great music taste through the sound served in the store, alongside the coffee and tee. I could say that the place is lovely enough to waste some of your precious time, at least you can enjoy the crafted-with-love little things for a while. 🙂


Next to Mink’s store, At If I Were A Carpenter (yes, it’s the name of the furniture shop), There is an amazing paper craft exhibition ‘The Selected Dreams’ by Teaspoon Studio or Pim Teaspoon. Her love in paper craft was translated into a series of paper creatures with playful details. From small animals heads, big floral paper hats, cake parades that a cake with electric light is hidden in, to big paper tent with rolling-paper tide inside. I really love how she has paid so much attention to small details. There’s also a projector showing a stop motion made by her  and free tattoos as a thank-you note.

This pretty sly fox is made from a dyed, old towel.

A family portrait

When you roll this, the tide inside the tent is moving along.

The paper headdress

And lastly, The Selected Dreams – the small town where dreams are reality. You can visit The Selected dreams exhibition at Ekamai Soi 10,  till 21st July.

And I found my all time favourite photography by Annie Leibovitz in the clothing shop next to If I Were A Carpenter. Such a lovely July afternoon, and hope you all have a nice week!

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  1. iamyanis says

    I love your blog kha. Good contents and beautiful photos. I’m following your blog now. Thanks for writing kha.

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