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Glasgow : Grieving in the Glasgow Necropolis

necropolis is a large ancient cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. I had travelled to the Glasgow Necropolis on the first day of my Glasgow trip. Walking to the east of the city, Glasgow Necropolis is located on the low but prominent hill that I could see it from far away. Behind the Glasgow Cathedral, there was a path walking upwards the hill, where numbers of the ancient tombs were greeting us along. I walked up hills and saw this stunning, melancholic cemetery with fine details on the tomb monuments. It is the Victorian cemetery, and has been described as a unique representation of Victorian Glasgow. Following the creation of Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris (I had blogged about there in 2010), Glasgow was the pioneer city in Britain to build a large cemetery, instead of burying in the church. Approximately fifty thousand individuals have been buried here. I felt just like turning back in time, when Glasgow was still the second city of the empire. It was so melancholic that I smell the odour of the Medieval period in every steps walking there.


Seeing the Glasgow Cathedral from above


The giant factory behind the hill, suggesting that Glasgow is a real industrial city.


While walking down back to the home stay, I spotted this strange sofa in the middle of the park, under the rain.
Surreal isn’t it? would love to lie myself down there anyway.

See you next post, I’m gonna take you to the museums in Glasgow 🙂



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  3. Hannah says

    Beautiful pictures as usual! :* would it be possible if you posted a tutorial showing us how you capture and edit them to the way they are? 🙂 going on a trip soon and I can only hope my images will turn out as beautiful as yours!

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