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A Brand new day with Boy Rikyu BKK

Dear diary, It’s the long-weekend Sunday morning! My idea of long weekend is that it is perfect for giving your tiresome self some nice treats, isn’t it? While everybody else might go out and fight for his/her space on the road towards the countryside, I chose to refresh myself with good places nearby instead. I used to cut my hair short with Yoji at BOY Rikyu Siam Square,but the place I’m taking you today is their another branch at 49 Terrace, Sukhumvit 49. “Rikyu by Boy Tokyo”, is a famous hair salon from Tokyo that does not only offer salon work, they are also interested in art, fashion and lifestyle of Thai-Japanese cross culture. “We hope that our customers feel happier and start their brand new day with their new hair style.” is the motto they keep at work.

From my experience at Boy Rikyu, I’m sure you would get this feeling of refreshments and good-hair-day happiness after you got out the salon. Since all the products, interior, the service, the arrangement of the hairdressing tools are carefully and delicately executed, to make sure that customers will have a good experience and nourish their senses in many ways. Hardly see such a perfect art direction and careful selection from many salons in Bangkok, That’s why I think this is impressive.

DSCF7780 copy boy1 DSCF7768 copy DSCF7767 copy DSCF7786 copy DSCF7784 copy DSCF7770 copy DSCF7788 copy DSCF7771 copy

Moreover, Lately, Boy Rikyu salon have just added a new project, BOY BATHROOM natural products, which are used in the salon for all customers. The original collection are made of the best organic extra virgin coconut oil from Thailand. Each of the essential oils are carefully selected from around the world to give the specific benefits of each product. Beside the original collection is the Karité collection. Here are some pictures of the products from Karité collection that they gave to me, Thanks so much for the complimentary Boy Rikyu 🙂

DSCF7791 copy DSCF7793 copy DSCF7798 copy

Not only the Hair Care products that they produce, but also Body Care line which consists of the soap and the lotion. All of them come in nice and practical packaging as you see above, together with the fabric bag screened with Boy logo.

From left to right (1) Ylang Ylang Hair Lotion (2) Karité treatment (3) Karité shampoo (4) Karité body soap (5) Karité body lotion (6) Organic peppermint face&body soap

boy2DSCF7815 copy DSCF7816 copy

Karité is the name of the African Shea butter meaning “the tree of life” for its numerous therapeutic properties. Extremely rich in vitamins A, E and F, Karité provides all the essential elements it needs for good balance of hair condition and skin tone. All the products are the delicate balance of chemistry, a SLS, SLES, Paraben, Silicone free creation of the finest quality and are produced by the professionals of the hair salon Rikyu by boy Tokyo.  ‘Train to Africa’ is the name of the original fragrance mixed of four kinds of essential oil : Rose Otto, Rose wood, Bergamot, Eucalyptus. I swear I love the scents of the essentioal oils and those natural ingredients within the products so much, I have just tried them out !

DSCF7823 copy

This is the travel / gift set which contains 4 products : Liquid Body Soap, Shampoo, Treatment , and Face&Body Soap for sensitive skin.

DSCF7832 copy boy3 DSCF7864 copy DSCF7852 copy DSCF7821 copy DSCF7855 copy

And the good news is that BOY BATHROOM Online shop has opened now.  Free shipping to anywhere in Thailand for the first three month. Also, Delivery to Asia and Pacific countries! (up to 2kg, flat rate 800B) Please visit the store. Hope you have a nice idea of what to give to your mom on this upcoming mother’s day!

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