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2014 Year end reflections & 2015 Manifesto

This time before the end of the year is a perfect moment to really review and reflect what had happened in my 2014.  There were a lot of accomplishments , as well as disappointments and failures. All over the year, I had made trips to 8 new cities, which are all wonderful. Some unexpected, remarkable victories are the fact that I got in the MA Textiles at Royal College of Art, London. Although failed for the first scholarship offered by the college, I finally attempted and won the scholarship for South-East Asian students from CIMB Bank, Malaysia. All of these ups and downs undoubtedly made 2014 one of  the greatest year in my life, so far.

These are some highlights :

  • JAN : 1509016_10153632160420277_89133977_n

    Singapore trip, busy making an application for master degree courses, a new workspace at Greyhound Original.

  • FEB : 1947812_10153802275530277_388493722_n

    busy preparing fashion and textiles portfolios for an interview at Royal College of Art in London, finish ‘Animal Farm’ book, favourite movie of the month ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’

  • MAR :

    Interview trip in London, Martin Creed ‘What’s the Point of It?’ exhibition, Petersham Nurseries, travelled to Glasgow  and Isle of Aran

  • APR :


    Plum village retreat with mom, RCA application result informed, spend time with my friends from Chiang Mai and Singapore

  • MAY :

    met Best, Junta in Thailand (again), featured in P I T C H Z I N E

  • JUN :

    last month at Greyhound, last month at my apartment, SC Asset workshop, got commissioned from Samsung and Charles & Keith

  • JUL :


    bought my Fuji XT1, India trip (best trip of the year) , met Dalai Lama at Kalachakra festival in Leh, Ladakh, Startup Weekend women edition

  • AUG :


    Sakon Nakhon indigo trip, Rotsaniyom studio interview, got Leica camera,
    started an internship at Steven Tai in London, Netil market

  • SEP :10671404_10154581470625277_7542336488495313298_n

    Worked hard for a fashion week presentations, photographing at London Fashion Week and Somerset House,  started a pattern course at LCF, 3AM Matisse exhibition at Tate Modern

  • OCT :

    Screen Shot 2557-12-29 at 10.46.03 PM
    back to Thailand for CIMB scholarship Interview, spent time with loved ones, went to Cambridge , Frieze Art Fair & Frieze Master, walked in London Marylebone, got the ‘Tomorrow Young Achievers’ Awards in fashion design from Lisa magazine

  • NOV :

    back to Internship, watched lots of movies (my favourites of the year are Gone Girl and Whiplash), articles about Ropewalk market and Renegade Craft Fair in London, won a final scholarship from CIMB

  • DEC :

    Screen Shot 2557-12-29 at 10.48.06 PMBest came to London, went for a trip in Amsterdam and Berlin together, Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio tour, made a trip to Barcelona and Granada with p Belle.

Wow. What a ride.

The area that gained the best performance this year is my professional and career development.  I felt significantly grew after taking a fashion internship working as a studio intern at Steven Tai Studio Limited in London for three months. It was such a bless and amazing experience. It completely pushed me out of my comfort zone and heavily knocked off my ego. The first days are very tough, but I gradually developed. I used to be so bad at pattern making and sewing, and always refused to do it. But here, I cannot turn away from what I don’t want and I just had to go for it. Eventually, that led me to the confidence and competence in those skills. I had learned that to break the limit, you must allow yourself to fail a lot at first to learn a lot later. I was so amazed at myself when I finally realised that, ‘Yes !! I can do it!’ .  Also, I never expect to meet such super nice colleagues and make such good friends , unlike fashion internships that I assume as preconceptions in my head. Perhaps it’s luck that brought me to this company. Strongly, I suggest everyone should once work in a small studio because it allows you to explore almost anything and try everything that could happen within the brand.

For relationships, there are something that I wish I have learnt also, over the years that I wish I knew in advance. I have come to realise that I used to be so self-centered without knowing it,  which eventually made me lose some precious people in my life. Time had gone by and I had learnt something but it would be too late because now is not the time they need to hear it. Looking back, there are a lot of times when I did selfish things in the past. However, It would be a better idea to forgive myself than to let them pull me back. Part of growing is realizing that you have changed in a better way and if you let your past burdens get you down you will never be able to move beyond them.

Despite all those ups and downs, I now got what I deserved after facing a difficulty cutting off what I am supposed to let go off that still remained attached to me. Every time when something ends, there’s always another knocks-on-the-door ahead. 2014 was full of serendipities and coincidences. And it was coincidence that led me to find love, to believe in it, and to fully live life once again. Allowing myself to be truly absorbed in emotions and feelings, and to give a great care for other people, just made me feel more alive and humane.

 Now, here comes the cliché “Set your yearly goals” speech.

1. A bad habit I’m going to break :
being self-centred, comparing myself to others
2. A new skill I’d like to learn :
Thai cooking skill , textile weaving
3. A person I hope to be more like :
an egoless, talented person who respect other people and their time.
4. A good deed I’m going to do :
make time for people I love, a project developing local textiles from villages in Thailand and to volunteer if possible
5. A place I’d like to visit :
Nepal, Japan (Kyoto-Arimatsu), Laos, Morocco, and Northeast Thailand
6. A book I’d like to read :
everyday OSHO
7. I’m going to do better at :
pattern cutting , sewing, textile design, losing myself and be free

For 2015, I am continuing my long-term plan from last year, a path to be the better version of myself. But what is that version look like? I need to rethink about it. As I know my best and worst habits, and what triggers my worst and what makes me my best, I just want to write some solid strategies to work on. Breaking down to five major areas of life, here they are

1. Financial

One of my favourite quotes is Warren Buffet’s, ‘Whatever you like to do, make it a hobby and whatever the world likes to do, make it a business.’  But would it be much more pleasant If I can turn a hobby into business. This could be possible, and I am planning my half way through. Learning how to manage my finances, learning about assets and investments for future plans, preparing to have a secure financial freedom, are all parts of the long-term plan. These are some general systems I am going to stick with :

  • Start money saving challenge each new month
  • Seriously, spend less than I earn
  • Invest in new experiences like a journey, a workshop, and of course books

2. Health / Fitness

In Health issues – this quote nails it “do the job for yourself, but live for your family.”
Yes, I want to be balanced in both physical and mental health. I promise to take care of myself better, to take in less bad food, not only restricted to edibles but also food for ears and eyes. Also I need to get more exercise and improve my digestive system. Time to drink more green tea !

  • drink a lot of water, at least 1.5 L a day
  • exercise at least 3 times a week
  • less processed, more real food, if possible
  • practice breathing and meditation more often
  • clean my house more often to avoid dusts
  • be comfort in my own skin
  • go for a complete medical checkup

3. Professional path

I am an ambitious, determined, and passionate person who always looking for the next goals I need to accomplish. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just realised that the word ‘success’ is quite scary. Although It feels challenging and fun, it put pressure and the air of superiority around myself without knowing it. Trying not to be a victim of my own success, this year I promise I will calm down, relax, and remember not to force myself too much that I forget what is the real happiness in life. I promise I’ll be not only a more productive, but nicer person.

  • Realising what my values are and what I truly want to do in life
  • Print off inspirational quote to boost my motivation
  • Share what I know on the blog
  • write blog more often, get the book published
  • Get more organised, renew work space and clean up the career path
  • Talk less, do more
  • Break down goals into plans and systems
  • Make weekly systems that are realistic timelines and stick to them
  • Try online entrepreneurship, and grab money from the sky
  • Learn some new productivity habits
  • Set deadlines, they are the only difference between a dream and a goal

4. Personal life & relationships

It’s all about time and balance. As I have come to realise that it is not money that is hard to seek, it is time. So I am going to travel while I still have free time, because it is the most precious asset that I am going to spend wisely. Major thing for next year is that, I wish to let my works lead me to many new places. So work hard, travel harder. No one ever dies wishing they had worked more, so I’ll make sure I won’t die regretting, wishing I had lived my life more fully. Also, I will make time for people I love, my family and friends,  who are always beside me when things absolutely went wrong.

  • don’t put pressure on myself and others too much
  • don’t get irritated too easy
  • spend more time with family
  • take care of my mom and dad
  • improve my cooking skill
  • buy books and make time to read them
  • keep a journal, it’s the best way to clear my mind and keep a clear vision
  • escape into a fiction on a bad day
  • sew my own wardrobe , make clothes I want to wear
  • buy less, think more

5. Spiritual path

What seems to be a restless journey, is the search for my true self. Peace of mind, dharma, and Zen quotes are  mantras that I always stick to. My experience in Plum Village last year helped me to have a clearer vision and a better understanding of life. I got answers for some deep questions I always doubt. After re-thinking, revising things, and losing my old point of views, I feel more focused and feel reassured in my own path. This year I hope I make time to spend a spiritual week at Plum Village once again. Here are some tips :

  • Take off the ego trip
  • Be fully present in the moment, appreciate those who are besides you
  • Be free
  • Clear my life out of clutter, bin the unnecessary
  • Hug the ones I love more
  • Let go of anger and hurt, forgive those who have hurt me
  • Dedicate a “me” day each week, to be solitary and focused
  • Donate things I no longer need, or donate my knowledge for some teachings
  • Go social media free for at least two weeks
  • Go to Plum Village retreats
  • Practice being honest with myself and my feelings , check in with myself and how I feel when I wake up, see if I am sad, or angry about something? then admit it. Because the person we lie to more than anyone else is ourselves. (I used to build an exterior to hide my feelings and pretend being fine, which causes no good at the end)
  • contribute something to the society
  • be as soft as water, stop being so harsh

Quite a lot and unrealistic? true. I am idealistic and this is just the long-term solutions of how to practice being a better version of myself. So I won’t take it seriously, but will come back to read this list every time I feel lost. You can copy some of the resolutions. However, to achieve a more realistic outcome, you need to break them down into short-term plans. One tip I learned is to take a visual proof of your progress, for example, put a sticker in your planner on every day that you exercise. Also, don’t forget to read a lots of books to gain new perspectives and visions. As success comprises of two things : The first is a technique and the second is a mindset.

(This quote can be a reminder for all of us not to forget to capture memories, write them down, both good and bad things, in order to look back and see how far we had become.)

Lastly, I want to use this space to say thank you to my readers for walking together all year long and being a part of my amazing 2014. I am really grateful for all of you. Next year there would be much fun, as my blog will be published in a book, as well as my master degree is starting in Fall. I’m looking forward to 2015 already, with so many things to share !

DSC_0452 copy

Merry Christmas & have an empowering 2015 everyone! 🙂


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