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Walk in London : Capital Car Boot Sale

On my last Sunday in London, I woke up in the early morning and went to Capital Car Boot Sale , the car boot market that happens every Sunday. It was at Pimlico Academy , the big school in Pimlico neighbourhood just opposite to Dolphin Square, the apartment of my friends where I was staying. Pimlico is pretty quiet, and peaceful, not far from the city centre and it has the super fast Victoria Line which took me directly to Dalston, where the studio I worked is located.

DSC_1211 copy

DSC_1221 copy

DSC_1223 copy

DSC_1222 copy

DSC_1238 copy

DSC_1228 copy

DSC_1231 copy

DSC_1234 copy

DSC_1242 copy

DSC_1244 copy

DSC_1245 copy

DSC_1246 copy

DSC_1247 copy

DSC_1249 copy

DSC_1248 copy

DSC_1253 copy

DSC_1258 copy

DSC_1259 copy

DSC_1260 copy

DSC_1264 copy

DSC_1263 copy

DSC_1266 copy

Capital Car Boot Sale had pretty much varieties of stuffs from vintage finds to taxidermy manuals. I found a lot of interesting books and household objects, especially ceramics and glassware. There were also rarities and things people collected, like fossils and crystals priced from 4 Pound. Made me thought of Klong Thom in Bangkok, which was recently wiped away.

Where : Every Sunday at Pimlico Academy ,
Chichester Street entrance, Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3AT

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