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Kiriwong film diary : A utopian village in the valley

Working as a fashion designer didn’t give me much time to indulge in tourism, especially  local ones. Despite being a Thai, I must admit I hardly had a chance to visit my own country in rural areas since I was young. So, now I ended up travelling to beautiful, scenic places around the country to chase stories about crafts, people, and culture etc.

When I packed my stuff last two weekends for a workation trip, I was more than happy to take a week off in Kiriwong, a Southern rural village with the best, purest Ozone in Thailand. Located on the foothills of Khao Luang valleys in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Kiriwong means ‘In the middle of the mountains’ – and just like its name suggests, it is really in the middle of the valley and rich in cultural and natural beauty.




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Kiriwong Village is a 300-year-old authentic village still in existence today. After a massive flood once destroyed the village, the people of Kiriwong had their own solutions and became a self-reliant community. Famous for its local-wise products, arts, and crafts, traditions and nature that still thrives attract people from everywhere come here to learn its way of life and wisdom.

The small southern village of Thailand finds itself between southern flair and rustic traditions. Most in the valley still live a very traditional life and follow the old culture. There are some important places and old monasteries since they were the evidence in the massive flood.






In kiriwong I had mainly sunny weather, hard rains at night, delicious food, great adventures, good art and an amazingly diverse nature. It has a long history and plenty activities to offer. If you stroll around, you can see and experience a lot : Biking, Motorbike tours, feeding hundreds of fish, jumping in to the waterfall, making arts and crafts, eat — yes, you kinda have to count that to activities because the food here is exceptional.

What is definitely not disappointing are the mountains. Long rides up in the forests offer incredible sights of the valley itself and the surrounding landscape. This place completely humbles me.






The easiest way from BKK to Kiriwong is by train and plane. After 12 hr train ride or 1.20 hr flight, you’ll arrive in Nakhon Sri Tammarat. The village is not difficult to access since it is less than an hour from the airport and train station. The best time to visit is between August and October, which is the fruit season. The temperatures can keep up with a shallow 30-35 degree.






Thank you Kiriwong Village for your unique charm and the impressive experience, and P’ Guitar, for your companionship, it was a blast. I would always return to Kiriwong, if not for this competition, then for the tasty food, the enjoyable atmosphere, the nature, the fresh air , and of course all the people that were just pretty damn amazing.

You can find more information about Kiriwong at WALKPAPER.COIntroduction & chapter 1
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Thank you & cheers for all the local travellers !


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  1. Ana Jonessy says

    The village is so incredibly beautiful!

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