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‘Normality’ – Charles & Keith Summer 2015

Last weekend I got a chance to drop by the newly opened branch of Charles & Keith at Emquartier and had been amazed with the freshness and style of their Summer 2015 collection.  I picked up their magazine in store, with one page stating  ‘The fashion pendulum swings, and the epitome of cool is an understated, minimalist style trimmed of all excess.” Whoops,  I am one of those who surely does not admire the logo tag and glitz-and-glam  hardware that strikes you in the eyes, and happy to see they do so. Nowadays when comfort seems to be a key for every effortless look, the trend for the understated is an antidote against flashy fashion and its aggressive coolness which was all about screaming for attention.

One of the most interesting thing for Charles & Keith Summer 2015 collection is their mind-blowing video campaign. The location is exceptional, and you can see sporty, edgy but comfy street-style inspired range of bags and shoes. This trend proposes accessories that have a relaxed dignity, with a glamorous plainness. It has nothing to do with flashy fashion and more to do with the character, style and intelligence, an enhanced “NORMALITY” if you will.

In the end, this is a trend that probably frees you up from thinking too much about clothes and enable you to get out there and do something useful, which is as positive as a fashion trend can be.






And these are some I got for myself this summer :

The leaf-print pouch with long strap, which is nice for adding a resort vacation vibe / The silk satin sandals with the cute soles are a very comfy way of walking in the city without looking worn out /  The plain white bucket bag which is perfect for an effortless everyday look / and black mules that bring you style without pain.

Untitled-1 copy
I love the sophistication and the relaxed elegance mix in this collection.
Summer has never been this stylish without pain for both your purses and heels .

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