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Elements of Earth

Thursday Oct 8 ,

Natural History Museum is always my greatest place when it comes to visual inspiration. I believe that nature is the greatest artist, and always find a magic in a natural world. Science and nature cannot separate as they are the same thing for me – the truth of life.

I decided to spend time in the Minerals room to realise what have been buried for billion years ago that are probably hundred miles beneath my feet. Walking on them everyday, we never seem to notice how supernatural these natural elements can be – An endless library for colours, patterns, surfaces and forms.

DSCF5539 copy

DSCF5549 copy

DSCF5552 copy

DSCF5553 copy

DSCF5555 copy

DSCF5561 copy

DSCF5567 copy

DSCF5569 copy

DSCF5571 copy

DSCF5579 copy

DSCF5586 copy

DSCF5588 copy

DSCF5590 copy

DSCF5592 copy

DSCF5598 copy

DSCF5600 copy

DSCF5605 copy

DSCF5606 copy

DSCF5608 copy

DSCF5610 copy

DSCF5611 copy

DSCF5614 copy

Natural History Museum, London , Oct 8, 2015
Photo by Kamonnart Ongwandee

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