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Brutalist / Barbican / Botany

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I have long been wanting to visit  Barbican Conservatory , London’s hidden oasis in the heart of the city but never get to go as this beautiful landscape only open on Sunday. And finally last Sunday was perfect because my friends were visiting so we went there for a lazy afternoon walk.  This conservatory is the second biggest in London and  it is quite calming to see the Barbican Centre’s brutalist architecture inhibits such thousands species of tropical plants. Strolling inside this landscape can make you feel a bit sci-fi vibe, out of future where the city was already abandoned and the plants were left free. I saw many sketchers there, drawing botanicals and buildings on their pads. Some of them were coming alone, and some were from the meetup groups. Would love to come here to paint when the weather is nicer, meanwhile I am waiting forever for spring.


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Where : Barbican Conservatory
The Barbican Centre – Free entry
Silk St, London, EC2Y 8DS

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