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Inspired by the concept of utopia and idealism. the Parts of Phi (1.618, golden ratio), perfect triangles are entangled to create one ultimate unit, which could be distorted into various forms. Clear acrylic sheets were laser cut into four golden-ratio triangles which were pieced together within, sort of, an experimental method. I used the clear ones to state the purity and made it as a shoulder piece to inform the idea of ‘bliss’, a state of spiritual high, by heightened up the body. The adjustable folding piece itself also expand the idea of utopia world which might be different in each minds, but eternally universal at truth.

the very first jewellery sketches.

Hello people, I’m back.. after hibernating for curing my mental happiness for a period, I’m thirsty for design and art eventually. (Thinking I just can’t live with them) After a long lack of inspiration, I can breathe again as I’m now studying the new things in life. One of them is the foundation of jewelry design. It’s my first time to enter the world of the beautiful metals and jewels with the very admirable professor aj.Nutre Arayavanish. She’s an amazing person, trained in jewellery design and making at Silpakorn univerisity and gained her MA at the Royal College of Art in London. I can only say that she’s amazing, you’d be surprised if you check her website and find out that she has more than 20 stockists in numbers of countries all over the world. I realised that being talented can be effortless and have nothing to involve with those group of big names in Thailand’s fashion scene. check her website at and these are my color-pencil drawings of the three types of jewelleries. …

The Pantheon project

Hello,  It’s been a long time I haven’t posted anything new here since I have too much works to be done. However,  now I’m back with the midterm project for my fashion accessories design class at uni, The Pantheon project, which I had done with my friend Pop. Firstly inspired by the Pantheon, one ofthe most beautiful landmarks in Paris. We found that the Pantheon was built after the Pantheon in ancient Roman empire. Thus, this bag collection are focusing on the classic order like Greek and Roman pillars. Using lines ,box shapes from Greek order mixed with the arch and dome shape from Roman’s.The results are the classic bags with a modern twist. interpreting new meaning of feminism in fashion accessories market, We did this collection upon the research of Chloe brand.