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Blue interview by the jam factory

Press April 30, 2015

I was recently interviewed by the Jam Factory magazine about the my current project called ‘Study of the Blues’, which is a research about the meaning of colour blue in each culture. I have collected some blue dyed fabrics , as known as indigo, in Thailand’s rural villages and trying to get everything together and make some clothes out of it.  You can read by clicking the pages’ pictures to enlarge. Thank you Jam Factory for these beautiful photos.

Senada scarf tutorial : on Computer Arts Thailand issue24

Illustration&Print, Press April 25, 2011


Angel dancing in the universe prints for Senada* AW10 scarf
got featured in Computer Arts (Thailand) magazine April2011 issue.
The issue is about ‘Tactility of Textile’ , so there’re many showcases and interviews of
illustrators and graphic designers who work in between the fields of fashion&graphic design. (including p’O Terawat Teankaprasith for Sretsis and Painkiller, and  p’Ho of Disaya.) For both graphic and fashion students, It’s worth buying one.

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