Fashion Revolution : The Change is Here (EN)

Conscious, Uncategorized April 20, 2016

Hello guys ! It’s Fashion Revolution week 2016 , which is on 18-24th April. I have been following the Fashion Revolution network and campaign for the last two years, but this year it’s much more exciting, as now I am working as a Fashion Revolution student ambassador for the Royal College of Art. My role is to introduce Fashion Revolution to the college, get people involved, and raise awareness of the cause. So to start with, If you wonder what on earth is Fashion Revolution or you haven’t heard of it already, here is something you might want to know :


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DSCF9789 copy copy

Brutalist / Barbican / Botany

London March 15, 2016

DSCF9594 copy


I have long been wanting to visit  Barbican Conservatory , London’s hidden oasis in the heart of the city but never get to go as this beautiful landscape only open on Sunday. And finally last Sunday was perfect because my friends were visiting so we went there for a lazy afternoon walk.  This conservatory is the second biggest in London and  it is quite calming to see the Barbican Centre’s brutalist architecture inhibits such thousands species of tropical plants. Strolling inside this landscape can make you feel a bit sci-fi vibe, out of future where the city was already abandoned and the plants were left free. I saw many sketchers there, drawing botanicals and buildings on their pads. Some of them were coming alone, and some were from the meetup groups. Would love to come here to paint when the weather is nicer, meanwhile I am waiting forever for spring.

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‘It’s Temporary’ : The Land Art of Christo and Jeanne Claude

See, Visual Inspiration February 18, 2016

Surrounded Islands (Project for Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida)

Looking at these photos, how do you feel ? Are you smiling ? Feeling engaged more with mother nature, or just thinking ‘What’s the point of it?’ Well, these environmental artworks are realised before there is even a word environmentalism. Christo and Jeanne-Claude , collectively known as Christo, are mostly labelled as  ‘wrapping artist’ from the media as they basically wrap the environment. However, if we dig deeper than that, their artworks often imply their love for earth, presenting nature and landscapes in an exciting, eye-catching  new way of seeing.

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Peaceful Chiangmai : Floating in the Mountain

Destination, Walk February 1, 2016

Some photographs from my stay at Mountain Float, a floating resort located in Mae-ngud Dam, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Surrounding by mountain and water, The temperature was perfect, unexpectedly cold at night around 11 c in early January. The sun started to appear from behind the silhouette of the hills, shining in subtle shades of colours. The fog evaporating over the surface of water brought a sense of peace and calmness. Monks from the village came in for the morning ritual, as well as fishermen floating quietly on ther boat. A perfect place to break from traffic and smoke in ever-growing Chiangmai downtown, I guess.

Peaceful Manchester : Fletcher Moss Park

Walk February 1, 2016







Some photographs from a walk in Fletcher Moss park & botanical gardens when I visited my friend in Manchester in December. It was our lucky day as the rain was not falling and there was a bright shining sun. People walking with their dogs and even horses. This trail was surrounded by these beautiful high trees that almost cover English grey-blue sky.

High trees always remind me to be humble
If you listen close enough, they are whispering
that we are smaller than nature.

camera : Fujifilm Natura Classica & Mamiya ZE-2