Peaceful Manchester : Fletcher Moss Park

Walk February 1, 2016







Some photographs from a walk in Fletcher Moss park & botanical gardens when I visited my friend in Manchester in December. It was our lucky day as the rain was not falling and there was a bright shining sun. People walking with their dogs and even horses. This trail was surrounded by these beautiful high trees that almost cover English grey-blue sky.

High trees always remind me to be humble
If you listen close enough, they are whispering
that we are smaller than nature.

camera : Fujifilm Natura Classica & Mamiya ZE-2


Peaceful London : Highgate Cemetery

London February 1, 2016

Perched on a hill above the smoke and the crowd of London, Highgate Cemetery is a peaceful and magical village of the post lives.  There, a wealth of gothic tombs and Victorian romantic graves live in harmony, entwined with overgrown woods and nature. It is a home to many famous people e.g. Karl Marx

 Not very usual to visit a cemetery during Christmas, but I’m always been intrigued by its beauty and mystery. I have written about Glasgow Necropolis and Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris. A cemetery is never a hang out spot, neither a creepy/goth area, but the place of contemplation, bringing in peace of mind.


Microcosm – I

Uncategorized, Work January 31, 2016

Microcosm is the first experiment in my visual journey exploring things into micro level, capturing the beauty of the ephemeral, the reality that we often overlook before they vanish in time. The surreal patterns created by the invisible forces of mother nature around us, somehow reminds of the same patterns from the bigger level.  The first Microcosm film investigates a micro universe of magnetised field and fluidity, where choreographed magnet together with ferrofluid, demonstrate the inter-relation among cosmic things in an almost spiritual sense.

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Walk in London : The Monocle Christmas Market 2015

London, Walk December 7, 2015

Christmas comes early this year, as the fourth annual Monocle Christmas Market took place at Midori House, the office of Winkreative design studio and Monocle, on last weekend (5-6th December 2015). After weeks of stress and pressure from college work review, I was successfully filled up with cheerful joy, chirstmas-sy vibe by these fellow friendly reindeers, shared mulled wine, amazing cheesy Swiss raclette, Mast brothers chocolate and other brands I love. I am now trying to shoot more in video as a moving-image practitioner.

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DSCF7281 copy

Writing As Therapy : Feeling mindfulness through the act of writing

Say November 28, 2015

I have long been finding  perfect notebooks for my own writing habits. I keep several sketchbooks and notebooks in one time because I have too many thoughts running on and on and on. They are all supposed to write down, to clear up the space in my head. Lately, I discovered that I am addicted to writing, to pour down all my thoughts on to a physical thing – paper. Putting everything in Evernote and computer makes me crazy. Not being able to write for few days make me feel suffocated. Writing down – for me it’s like talking to myself,  like one would empty a trash every Monday or manage their laptop storage every Thurs.  It really helps me to slow down and ready to fill up when new things flooding in my brain.

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