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Burberry Makers House x Henry Moore : unfolding inspiration and process

Fashion Inspiration, London, Material Culture March 12, 2017

During the recent London Fashion Week in the end of February, I have had a chance to visit Burberry Makers House , where the showcase of the inspiration, the process and design references behind the brand’s second see-now-buy-now collection are exposed. Makers House was opened as a fashion exhibition, offering the public the chance to celebrate the new runway collection freshly after the show, alongside the work of Henry Moore, the iconic artist that inspired it.

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What is Luxury ? : Analysing Our Material Futures

Influences, London, Material Culture, See October 18, 2015

What is Luxury ? is an exhibition questioning the idea of luxury at the V&A that ended last month. It let us discover the history and prominence of luxury within society. I was striked with loads of inspiration and questions towards my own practice.  Here are some ideas :

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Blue dyes, green leaves & 10 things to know about ‘Kram’

Crafts August 4, 2015


One fine Sunday in sunny July, I had a chance to join the indigo dyeing workshop held by Mann Craft and SACICT ( The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand) in Bang Sai, Ayudhaya. The workshop started in the morning with the introduction to ‘Kram’ , or indigo dye methods and the experiment with bringing colours out of nature. By simply rubbing a leaf on  paper like a crayon, we could experiment and play with various kind of leaves to get different shades of green.


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Dala batik and ancient block printed textiles

Crafts August 2, 2015

Recently, I had a chance to learn the craft of ancient Southern batik at the workshop arranged by SACICT ( The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand) at the center in Bang Sai, Ayudhaya. One of the instructor was Thanintorn Raksawong, 2010 Asean awarded artist who has created a beautiful collection of handmade batik that reflects the unique identity and wisdom of her Southern hometown. Thanintorn , or kru Oh,  showed us the tools and demonstrated the process of ancient batik textiles. To make a truly authentic Batik, you need melted beeswax, special steel pan and special tools which are ancient metal blocks.

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Sakon Stories II : Entering the world of Mann Craft

Crafts, Interview July 15, 2015

หลังจากที่ได้ไปเที่ยวดูครามในแบบฉบับของสกลนครตามคำชักชวนของแม่จิ๋วแห่งแบรนด์แม่ฑีตาในตอนที่ แล้ว เราพบว่ายังมีอะไรน่าสนใจอีกหลายอย่าง ไม่ใช่ในแง่ของสถานที่แต่เป็นคน เพราะใช่ว่าที่นี่จะมีแต่คนทำงานผ้ารุ่นคุณย่าคุณยายเท่านั้น เรายังได้พบกับนักออกแบบรุ่นใหม่ที่กลับไปร่วมต่อยอด “คราม” ด้วย

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