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Refuge Wear Habitent 1992

Lucy Orta : Refuge Wear

Conscious, Influences September 4, 2016

Refuge Wear Intervention. London East End 1998

Refuge Wear Installation 1995


Whoever thinks that fashion is frivolous, and environmental design has to be boring should see the work of  Lucy Orta (1966), a British fashion designer turned contemporary artist. Her works are something in between body and architecture, fashion and art, that perfectly draw upon urgent social and environmental concerns.


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Crafts Culture : 5 Best Places to Check-In in Chiang Mai for Cotton Textiles

Crafts April 28, 2015

Chiang Mai is blessed with a rich community of designers and craft makers spanning over generations of heritage. contemporary designers are evolving to include influences from all over the world, only adding to the richness. Here are some pioneers from our dominant cotton culture..

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