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Vanillawork station : for an Interview with Gaia Messerklinger

In early January I was contacted by Italian actress and producer Gaia Messerklinger to join her fashion documentary journey called ‘Be Cool Around the World’ project, which she would travel 10 metropolitans in Asia to observe and talk with what’s cool and what’s fashionable right there. I have an appointment with Gaia on January 31, just two days after I moved back from London. I don’t have a proper studio at home so I borrow my friend’s space to set up this work station as a background and to show her what’s on my mind. Gaia arrived at 2PM, she’s Italian, tall, with beautiful nose and eyes. In fact, she  is a very fun, lively woman whose beauty and gesture can help me relax. We talked about how Asian root and being in Bangkok influences my work. I think the answer is simple, spirituality, is always the essence of my conceptual process. Also, some social movements and thoughts can have a huge impact as I draw many inspirations from books I read, from Zen philosophy …

The Bodhi Body I : Sketch & Research

bodhi  |bəʊ| noun 1) the awakening experience / enlightenment Awareness of the true nature of the universe 2) a fig tree native to India and SE Asia, regarded as sacred by Buddhists. (Buddha’s enlightenment having occurred beneath such a tree) bōgaha ‘tree of knowledge’  + bō (from Sanskrit budh ‘understand thoroughly’) + gaha ‘tree’ + body |ˈbɒdi| noun (pl.bodies) the physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal • the trunk apart from the head and the limbs • a corpse • [ mass noun ] the physical and mortal aspect of a person as opposed to the soul or spirit: we’re together in body and spirit.