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Elements of Earth

Thursday Oct 8 , Natural History Museum is always my greatest place when it comes to visual inspiration. I believe that nature is the greatest artist, and always find a magic in a natural world. Science and nature cannot separate as they are the same thing for me – the truth of life. I decided to spend time in the Minerals room to realise what have been buried for billion years ago that are probably hundred miles beneath my feet. Walking on them everyday, we never seem to notice how supernatural these natural elements can be – An endless library for colours, patterns, surfaces and forms.

The Bodhi Body I : Sketch & Research

bodhi  |bəʊ| noun 1) the awakening experience / enlightenment Awareness of the true nature of the universe 2) a fig tree native to India and SE Asia, regarded as sacred by Buddhists. (Buddha’s enlightenment having occurred beneath such a tree) bōgaha ‘tree of knowledge’  + bō (from Sanskrit budh ‘understand thoroughly’) + gaha ‘tree’ + body |ˈbɒdi| noun (pl.bodies) the physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal • the trunk apart from the head and the limbs • a corpse • [ mass noun ] the physical and mortal aspect of a person as opposed to the soul or spirit: we’re together in body and spirit.

Walking in the Isle of Aran

Dear diary, Today I’ll take you to my memories of Isle of Aran. Isle of Aran is the small island located in the south west of Scotland, near Glasgow city. In the morning of 6th of March 2014, I opened my eyes in Glasgow and rushed to the Glasgow Central station, to take the train to Brodick. I spent around 1.30 hours on the train, having snacks and breakfast, before reaching Brodick Pier. At the pier, saw the Caledonion Cruise ferry standing in serenity in the water. I went up on the cruise with not so many people. It was not crowded at all and most people are old if they’re not a group of men in workwear. Because it was thursday, I think the people travelling here today are probably already retired, and many of them were having there dogs with them. I played with two Labradors and one black dog of the hippie-looking women next to me.  Look like it will be a good day.

Richmond & Petersham in 35mm

I lost my heart at all the pastel-side roads and houses in Richmond. What a beautiful small town. Located just in zone4 of London, It was obvious for me that people here live a better quality of life than people in the hectic center  of touristy London. ‘Live a greener life while living in the city’ – is the definition for a good life here, I think. Spring time just came when I visited Richmond two weeks ago and the flowers were blooming, sun was shining bright and the town is totally lived up with nature. I hadn’t got a chance to go walk inside the Richmond Park where they said there are many wild creatures like deers and foxes. (Oh my god how can I afford to live here)