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Peaceful Chiangmai : Floating in the Mountain

Some photographs from my stay at Mountain Float, a floating resort located in Mae-ngud Dam, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Surrounding by mountain and water, The temperature was perfect, unexpectedly cold at night around 11 c in early January. The sun started to appear from behind the silhouette of the hills, shining in subtle shades of colours. The fog evaporating over the surface of water brought a sense of peace and calmness. Monks from the village came in for the morning ritual, as well as fishermen floating quietly on ther boat. A perfect place to break from traffic and smoke in ever-growing Chiangmai downtown, I guess.

Peaceful London : Highgate Cemetery

Perched on a hill above the smoke and the crowd of London, Highgate Cemetery is a peaceful and magical village of the post lives.  There, a wealth of gothic tombs and Victorian romantic graves live in harmony, entwined with overgrown woods and nature. It is a home to many famous people e.g. Karl Marx  Not very usual to visit a cemetery during Christmas, but I’m always been intrigued by its beauty and mystery. I have written about Glasgow Necropolis and Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris. A cemetery is never a hang out spot, neither a creepy/goth area, but the place of contemplation, bringing in peace of mind.

Walk in London : Capital Car Boot Sale

On my last Sunday in London, I woke up in the early morning and went to Capital Car Boot Sale , the car boot market that happens every Sunday. It was at Pimlico Academy , the big school in Pimlico neighbourhood just opposite to Dolphin Square, the apartment of my friends where I was staying. Pimlico is pretty quiet, and peaceful, not far from the city centre and it has the super fast Victoria Line which took me directly to Dalston, where the studio I worked is located.

Girls In Town : Street Style from London Fashion Week Spring’15 shows

On the street of London, I’m here in this vibrant city to observe and capture what editors, models, bloggers, and all the tryhards are wearing during the LFW Spring/Summer 2015 shows.  There are few colours that captured the scene this season including the classic neutrals : black, white, earth tones (beige to olive). The most seen colour is various shades of Blue , from Baby to my favourite Navy. They came in mixed texture like knit, denim, with fray edges that go along well with leather fringes. Also, playful, vibrant patterns and surfaces which have always been a signature of London street style are still the most prominent in the scene. These are some of my favourites.  Enjoy ! Photograph by Kamonnart Ongwandee Camera : Nikon D5300 + 24-105 mm lens